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St Albans was at the very start of the development of the Magna Carta. Churchmen and barons, led by Stephen Langton the Archbishop of Canterbury, held their first meeting in St Albans in 1213 to discuss their grievances against King John. This historic meeting eventually led to the articles that became Magna Carta, sealed at Runnymede in 1215.

Visit St Albans over the weekend of 13th and 14th June 2015 to celebrate in a number of venues, including the medieval city centre, the Victorian Courtroom, the Crown Courthouse and St Albans Cathedral. Our programme will highlight the events of 1213-1215 and show how Magna Carta is relevant to the present day for audiences of all ages from St Albans and beyond.

This summer, St Albans commemorates the 800th anniversary of its unique heritage as a Magna Carta Charter Town.

The Magna Carta is the historical document which set out the basic rights and freedoms of common people, including the right to trial by jury. It also provided for regulation of the power of the monarchy. Since the 13th Century, it has continued to underpin legal systems across the world and is still relevant today, forming the basis of the constitution of countries such as the United States of America and Australia.

A whole host of events will take place throughout the city to celebrate the anniversary including:


Saturday 13th to Friday 26th June


Exhibition exploring the lives of everyday people in St Albans and how Maga Carta may have affected them.

Venue: St Albans Town Hall

Times: 10-3pm

Tickets: Free


Saturday 13th June


Trial Reenactment

Venue: Victorian Courtroom, Town Hall, St Peter’s Street

Times: 10-12noon

Tickets: Free on a first come-first served basis.

Prison Education: A Historical View – History on Trial

A debate chaired by Danny Shaw, correspondent for the BBC and featuring Dr Rosalind Crone, CEO of the Prisoner’s Education Trust.

Venue: Victorian Courtroom, Town Hall, St Peter’s Street

Times: 2-3.30pm

Tickets: £7 available from the St Albans Tourist Information Office, Town Hall, Market Place, St Albans AL3 5DJ, Tel 01727 864511, Email [email protected]



Mock Trials

Explore trials and sentencing through the ages by getting involved in a mock trial! Sit on the jury, take the Magistrate’s seat or simply observe the legal process in action

Venue: Crown Court, Bricket Road, St Albans

Times: 10-3pm, Starting on the hour, each lasting approximately one hour. You are welcome to come and go, but you will need to stay for the full hour if you take on a character’s role in the proceedings.

Tickets: Free, drop in

Police Uniforms: Then & Now, Police Dog Display, Fingerprinting and Children’s Treasure Hunt

Venue: Crown Court, Bricket Road, St Albans

Times: 10-3pm

Tickets: Free

More events coming including talks on Youth Justice, Cybercrime and Knife Crime

Venue: Crown Court, Bricket Road, St Albans

Times: 10-3pm

Tickets: Free



You can learn more about the role of St Albans at our Magna Carta Exhibition from Friday 5th – Monday 15th June; younger visitors can enjoy a fun Magna Carta Children’s Trail and listen out for our special Magna Carta ring on Sunday 14th June at 15.00.

Venue: St Albans Cathedral

Tickets: Free: for specific dates and times go to or call 01727 890200.

Full details of the Magna Carta Events and all other events coming up in St Albans can be found at 

For more information about St Albans’ plans or to get involved, please contact Helen Burridge, Community Engagement Officer, St Albans City & District Council at [email protected]

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