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2nd – Professor Nicholas Vincent Lecture, Magna Carta: The View from Durham, at Durham University. Professor Nicholas Vincent, Speaker.
2nd – 19th – ‘Magna Carta Rediscovered,‘ exhibition at The Beaney Museum, Canterbury.
4th – Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Magna Carta Dinner. David Starkey, guest.
6th – 10th– Magna Carta Lecture Series at University of Auckland, New Zealand.
7th – Lincoln Barons’ CHarter Trail Tour.
7th – Sir Robert Worcester speaks at Cubism Law, followed by a visit to the British Library exhibition.
7th – 10th – ‘Magna Cantata‘, Salibury Cathedral.
8th – Dr. Christian Liddy Lecture, Rebellious Citizens: 800 Years of Citizen Politics
8-11thThe British Legal History Conference, at Reading University.
9th – Sir Robert Worcester speaker at Institute of Business Ethics.
9th – Why St Albans? (7pm – 8.30pm) Museum of St Albans. Peter Burley leads a walk exploring the theme of what made St Albans so attractive to those planning Magna Carta.
10th – ‘Life in 1215: Britian in the 13th Century,‘ British Library. Panel includes historians Dan Jones, Marc Morris, and Helen Castor.
14th – Commemoration at Magna Carta Place, Canberra, Australia.
14th – ‘The Relevance of Magna Carta Today‘, Eastwell Manor, Ashford. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
15th – 18th – Souther Cathedrals Festival 2015. Magna Carta theme.
16th – Mark Carney (Gov of Bank of England) Lecture, part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series
16th – Jonatha Guant QC, Prof David Carpenter & Sir Nicolas Bratza Lecture at Lincoln’s Inn, Great Hall; part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series
16th – ‘He Has No Sovereign – from the Charter to the Convention,‘ Lincoln’s Inn. Sir Nicolas Bratza, Professor David Carpenter and Jonathan Gaunt QC, Speakers.
18th – ‘Magna Carta: Revolting Barons and French Conquests,‘ at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
21st – ‘Treaty of Waitangi – the Magna Charta of New Zealand: Rhetoric or Reality?‘ Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture, Massey University Albany. Dr David Williams, Speaker.
22nd – Essex County Council Citizenship Ceremony, County Hall, Chelmsford. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
24th – ‘Archbishop Langton in a Circle of New Ideas,‘ Salisbury Cathedral. Professor Lesley Smith, Speaker.
24th – Final Day of ‘Magna Carta: An Embroidery,‘ British Library.
25th July – 5th August – Three Choirs Festival, at Hereford
27th July – 5th September – ‘In Comitatu Kantie: Kent at the time of Magna Carta,‘ exhibition at Kent History and Library Centre.
31st Treason? The Mock Trial of Barons and Bishops at Westminster Hall.

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