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The global event to which the whole world is invited

The 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta will be a commemoration of national and international significance. Due to its central place in English history and its impact across the world, a wide range of events and activities are being planned.

From specially commissioned BBC documentaries and books, to academic conferences, public exhibitions, local community events and a Magna Carta tourism trail, there will be hundreds of exciting events announced on this website.

A number of events have already taken place in 2014. To keep informed about what is being planned in 2015 , join the Magna Carta 800th mailing list.

The key events for 2015 are listed on this page and will be updated regularly.

Detailed information about events being planned by key Magna Carta Towns and our partners is shown in the links to the left side of this page.


January – December 2015 – Cathedral Banners at Hereford Cathedral. For more information, click here.6th – The beginning of the Magna Carta lecture series at the University of the West Indies, part of the Commonwealth Caribbean Magna Carta project
12thThe Magna Carta Charity Dinner at the Guildhall: launching 2015 Commemorations with Foreign Secretary, American Ambassador and Bishop of London.
14th – Lord Mayor Alderman Andrew Yarrow to speak at Gresham College on Magna Carta.
20th – Democracy Day, with UK Parliament
20th – The launch of ‘Parliament in the Making’ exhibition at Parliament, which will run until November. Banners will commemorate 800 years of the movements and moments that have made a difference in the journey to rights and representations.
20th – Citizenship ceremony in Brent – for the first time, new citizens will be given Magna Carta facsimiles as a welcoming gift.
22nd – Internationally renowned Medievalist Professor Nigel Saul of Royal Holloway, to give the first of many public Magna Carta lectures at the Beckenham and Bromley Historical Association.
30thLincoln Lecture Series: Lord Cormack.
29th – 31stDitchley Foundation Conference: ‘The Future of Democracy in the World: Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Conference’
31st – 31st December – Chertsey Museum’s Freedom Under the Law exhibition. For more information, click here. 


The American Bar Association to launch their Magna Carta programme at Houston, Texas Multiple lectures across the country: featuring Prof. Nigel Saul, Prof. David Carpenter, Lord Judge, Sir Robert Worcester together with University of Virginia Magna Carta Scholar Professor Dick Howard.
2-4th – The four surviving 1215 Magna Carta will be united at the British Library
5th – The four 1215 Magna Carta will then be united at Parliament
5-20th - ‘Magna Carta & Parliament’ exhibition to take place in Parliament – public tours
5thIntelligence Squared to host a panel discussion, ‘Magna Carta, Myth & Meaning’ – featuring Dr David Starkey, at the Royal Institute of Great Britain.
11thLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Prof. I. E. Moore
19th – Lord Judge Lecture – ‘Magna Carta – Luck or Judgement?’
23-25thThe Global Law Summit – leading legal minds will come together to discuss the Rule of Law


Flags to be displayed in Parliament Square
1st – A ‘Read not Dead’ Globe performance of King John – book here
5th – Conference on Magna Carta and the Golden Bull at the Hungarian Embassy, London.
6th- Friday 6th March: Sovereignty, Liberty and the Legacy of Magna Carta: a debate event for 40 15-18 year old students at Cumberland Lodge, in partnership with Egham Museum and Inner Temple.
13th March – 1st SeptemberThe British Library’s main exhibition, Law, Liberty, Legacy, will open. The Exhibition will feature the Library’s Magna Cartas alongside the US Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.
14th – The Final of the Historical Association’s Great Debate, at the Picture Gallery of Royal Holloway, University of London. The question candidates are to answer is: ‘What does Magna Carta mean to me?’
20th – A Magna Carta debate held at Oxford Brookes: “On Liberty, Magna Carta and our future.” Newsreader Jon Snow, Helena Kennedy QC, and Shami Chakrabarti will discuss the state of liberty today.
20th March – 20th September - Oxford’s Magna Carta Exhibition, ‘Marks of Genius’ will open. Oxford’s Gloucester Magna Carta will be on display.
23rd March – 30th SeptemberHereford’s major Magna Carta exhibition, Icon of Justice – Pledge of Freedom, will open to the public
23rd March – 30th SeptemberCathedral displays begin at Hereford Cathedral, to display the Hereford story
23rd March – 20th JulyHereford Cathedral’s dedicated Magna Carta Exhibition (Magna Carta: Icon of Justice – Pledge of Freedom) will be opened to school parties on Tuesday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30. Booking is essential.
23rdUnlock Magna Carta in Manchester. Unlock Democracy provide a constitutional engagement event in Manchester.
24thLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Prof. Nicholas Vincent
25th – Unlock Magna Carta in London. Unlock Democracy provide a constitutional engagement event in London at LSE.
30th – Magna Carta 800 Symposium, State Bar of Georgia, Georgia Bar Conference Center, Atlanta.


1st – Lincoln Castle to reopen to the public – with its new, £22 million Magna Carta Vault
7thLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Professor Rowan Williams
10 – 19th Beginning of The Globe Theatre’s run of King John at Temple Church
12 – 16th – Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association Conference Glasgow
14th: The launch of Dr Foyle’s latest book, Lincoln Cathedral: the Biography of a Building, at Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels, Bloomsbury.
15th – Lucky entrants who register for a LiberTeas event by 15th April will be offered tickets to the international commemoration event at Runnymede of 15th June.
16th – A lecture by distinguished Professor Nigel Saul at Hereford Cathedral, ‘Magna Carta and English History’
22ndLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Lord Janvrin
22nd – The Master of the Rolls to speak at the Law Society
23rdLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Dr. Rachel Foxley
24th – Magna Carta Constitutional Convention (our second in a three-part series), devised by Egham Museum, sponsored by Eton and Wellington Colleges and supported by the Supreme Court, Amnesty International, Royal Holloway and Brunel University. 80-100 15-18 year old students attend to debate and draft a modern Magna Carta to be exhibited in the Supreme Court.
24 – 16th MayThe Globe’s King John at Holy Sepulchre Church, Northampton
28th – Newcastle Legal Walk. Click here for more details.


1stThe American Bar Association to host a Law Day – with Magna Carta as its theme.
2ndThe Battlefields Trust Annual General Meeting, where Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Chairman Sir Robert Worcester will be speaking.
2ndMagna Carta and its Gifts to Canada, launched at the University of Toronto.
8th – CILEx Magna Carta Wales Dinner
11th – Birmingham/Bedfordshire Legal Walk. Click here for more details.
12th – Surrey Arts Concert (Freedom Games Community Concert), Held at the Royal Albert Hall
12th – Lord Neuberger Lecture, ‘Magna Carta & The Holy Grail’.
13th – Launch of ‘To None Will We Deny Justice’ in the Public Hall, High Court of Australia, by the Rule of Law Institute of Australia.
15thLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Lord Powell.
18th – London Legal Walk 2015, Magna Carta theme.
21st – Prof. Nigel Saul to speak at the Barnes and Mortlake History Society: ‘Magna Carta: why it still matters.’
21stLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Dr Mark Goldie & Lord Griffiths.
25th’800 years of Magna Carta – UK and Greek perspectives.’ Conference at Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL).
26th – Prof. Stephen Church Lecture at the Society of Antiquarians
27 – 30th The Globe Theatre’s Troublesome Reign of King John at Salisbury Cathedral
28th – Sir Robert Worcester to speak at Worcester Cathedral


1st – A Magna Carta Citizenship Ceremony taking place at Allington Castle, Kent
1stMagna Carta’s American Adventure, British Library. Professor Dick Howard Speaker.
1st June – 31st August – Pop-up Magna Carta exhibition in Egham, showcasing and celebrating community projects to commemorate the Great Charter. Organised by Egham Museum anbd supported by Strode’s College and the Magna Carta School. Sponsored by Runnymede Borough Council.
1st – Live debate open to the public at the London School of Economics: “What has Magna Carta Ever Done for Us?”
1st June – 31st AugustDurham’s major Magna Carta Exhibition, ‘Magna Carta and the Changing Face of Revolt’, opens to the public
1st June – 20th September – Free Magna Carta and the City walking tours of the City of London, organised by Temple Church.
1 – 28th Shakespeare’s King John at The Globe Theatre.
1 – 19thAn exhibition at Royal Holloway, University of London’s Picture Gallery, will use famous pictures from the Holloway Collection to explore the Loss of Liberties in Victorian Art
2nd – Prof. Carpenter Lecture at the Society of Antiquarians
2nd – Nicholas Vincent , Professor of Medieval History, University of East Anglia lecture at Hereford Cathedral, ‘The Hereford Magna Carta’
2nd – Magna Carta commemorative stamps released by Royal Mail.
2nd – 12th – Magna Cara Sports Festival, hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London.
3rd – Prof. Nigel Saul to speak at the Hedgerley Historical Society
3rd – Prof. Lynn Staeheli, Durham University Lecture, Geographies and Genealogies of Citizenship, at Palace Green Library Durham.
3rdMagna Carta Legal Walk, Exeter.
4th – ‘Magna Carta and the Rule of Law‘, Chertsey Hall. Professor Nigel Saul Speaker.
4th – 5th – Historia Theatre Company’s Magna Carta, at two venues in London. For more information click here.
5th – David Starkey Lecture on Magna Carta at Gala Durham. Click here for more information.
5thLincoln Cathedral will host a major Magna Carta dinner
5th – 6th – A conference in Canterbury: ‘Magna Carta, King John and the Civil War in Kent.’
5th – 7th – St Andrew’s Church Flower Festival, Windsor.
6thMagna Carta Guided Walks begin in Salisbury.
6th4th Annual Bagehot Debate: Lord Tyler and Lord Norton to debate ‘It’s time for a new Magna Carta.’
6thStaines – Upon – Thames Medieval Market.
6th – Medieval Calligraphy Workshop at Salisbury Cathedral.
7th – ‘Magna Carta’s American Adventure‘, Salisbury Cathedral. Professor Dick Howard Speaker.
7th – 14th - Runnymede Music Festival.
8th – HRH the Princess Royal opens Lincoln Castle’s Magna Carta Vault.
8thMagna Carta: England’s Greatest Export at the English – Speaking Union.
8th – York Legal Walk. Click here for more details.
8th – Relay carrying Magna Carta through Slough, focusing on flags of the Commonwealth.
8th – Italian Cultural Institute of London hosts 10th Italian – British Convention. ‘Constitutional Heritage of Magna Carta‘ to be the theme.
9th – Susan Reynolds to discuss Magna Carta & European Context at the Society of Antiquarians
9thMagna Carta Citizenship Ceremony at Salisbury Cathedral
9th – Canterbury Historical Association Panel. Magna Carta and New Zealand major theme.
10thLincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series: Lord Judge
10th – Professor Guy Standing Lecture, A Precariat Charter: From Denizens to Citizens, at Durham Palace Green Library.
10th – Ghurka Walk: Lincoln to Salisbury, via Maidenhead and Windsor.
10th – Graham Clarke’s Starta Magna Carta Theatra, Kent History and Library Centre, Maidstone.
10th – Anthony Barnett Lecture, ‘A Modern Magna Carta‘, the United Church of Egham.
10th – Lord (Igor) Judge speaks at the Annual Magna Carta Lecture, Lincoln.
11thFranco-British Conference on Europe and Human Rights:Magna Carta and the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen. Featuring a panel of distinguished speakers.
11th – Leading International Lawyers are to speak on Human Rights and recent developments at an event organised by SBL & Paceworking. Book here on eventbrite.
11thA legal debate for law students. 5 -7pm, Guildhall, Exeter.
11th – Wraysbury Players Magna Carta Play.
11th – World premiere of ‘Invictus’ at Brighton Dome. Magna Carta commemoration followed by Mozart’s Requiem. Click here for more information.
11 – 14th – ABA International Conference in London.
12th – ‘Magna Carta Canada opens at the Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa.
12th – The launch of the Runnymede Magna Carta River Relay.
12thMagna Carta – do we need a new Charter? at Mint Methodist Church, Exeter. Dominic Grieve QC speaker.
12th – 16th – Exhibition of historic documents at Exeter Cathedral.
12th June – 6th September – The Lincoln and Salisbury Barons’ Trails.
13thEgham Magna Carta Day.
13th – Lacock Abbey Magna Carta Exhibition.
13th June – 4th July – Ealing Magna Carta Autumn Festival. 26 paintings based on the coats-of-arms of the 25 Magna Carta Barons and King John will be on display at Ealing Central Library. The exhibition will be officially opened by the Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Harbhajan Kaur-Dheer. The exhibition, with other activities, will be shown at every library in Ealing until 5th December. Click here for more information about the Festival.
13th‘Manchester, birthplace of democracy: 800 years of Magna Carta.’ Guided tour across sites of importance in Manchester beginning 12 noon. For more information contact Ed Glinert at 07711 606 273.
13th – Magna Carta Community Opera, The Great Charter, at Durham Cathedral. Click here for more information.
13th – A Barons’ Gathering, at Lammas Recreation Park, Runnymede.
13th – 14th – the Runnymede Magna Carta River Relay. 200 boats will travel from Windsor to Runnymede, led by HM the Queen’s barge, The Gloriana.
13th – 14thThe Great Magna Carta Weekend, Lincoln.
13th – 14thStreet theatre in Egham featuring giant puppets created by Ballyhoo Arts and local schools.
13th – 15th – Magna Carta Gala Weekend, at Salisbury Cathedral.
14th – Magna Carta: The Pageant, at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds.
14th – Unveiling of a 10 foot statue of HM the Queen, Runnymede Pleasure Grounds.
14thTemple Church will hold a service for senior judiciaries and legislators, and rededicate to the principles of Magna Carta.
14th – National Peal of Bells, organised by the Bellringers Association.
14thThe Great Charter Festival, at Royal Holloway University of London.
14th – Commemoration at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand.
14th – Britain’s Got Talent Winners Diversity headline the Magna Carta Party at Lincoln Castle.
14thMagna Carta Thanksgiving Evensong, at Hereford Cathedral – Lord Lisvane KCB to preach.
14th – Magna Carta Eucharist at Salisbury Cathedral.
14thLiberTeas: A national join-in moment organised by UK Parliament.
14th - Legal Sunday Service and procession of legal dignitaries, Exeter Cathedral. Procession followed by a reception at the Corn Exchange Exeter, hosted by the High Sheriff of Devon and the DASLS.
14th – Penshurst Village Fete to celebrate Magna Carta at Penshurst Place, Kent.
14thBeacon lighting at St Ann’s Hill, Runnymede.
15thMajor International Commemoration Event at Runnymede Meadows.
15th – LiberTeas at Runnymede Meadows. Click here for more information, and to register a LiberTeas event. Lucky entrants will be invited to the Runnymede Meadows event!
15th – Attorney General of New Zealand General Chris Finlayson hosts reception at New Zealand Parliament.
15thMagna Carta Pageant, Salisbury. Dignitaries will seal a new Magna Carta for Wiltshire.
15thBeer Day Britain‘s ‘Cheers to Magna Carta’ national event.
15thMagna Carta and Contemporary Human Rights, United Church of Egham. Speaker Tim Hancock, Director of Chief Executive’s Office, Amnesty International.
15th – Lord Bates will walk from Runnymede to Westminster.
15th – Stoke-on-Trent children and citizens from across the city will join together to celebrate the Magna Carta and its democratic legacy at a special service on Monday 15 June, at 12:30 at Stoke Minster. Everyone is welcome.
15th – Lincoln artist Ruth Ewan hosting a an Artist’s Talk and Launch at Lincoln Central Library.
15th – Primary school children from Caversham will come into Caversham Court, bringing posters proclaiming some of the values inherited from Magna Carta.
15th – 19thMagna Carta 800 Medway Conference, hosted by the Human Rights Office.
16thRoyal Holloway’s annual Magna Carta Lecture. Speaker will be the Rt Hon Jack Straw.
16th – Students who saw Magna Carta at Lincoln Castle will perform original music with Sinfonia Viva, and with international conductor Dominic Wheeler. Click here for more information.
17th – ‘The Legacy of Magna Carta for the Western Balkans‘ conference at South East European University, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia.
17th – Professor Maarten Prak lecture, Good versus bad institutions? Citizenship in colonial Latin and North America, 16th – 18th centuries, at Durham Palace Green Library.
17th – 19th: The Magna Cata Project will host a landmark conference on the Great Charter of Liberties, and showcase major new discoveries. Leading academics will give lectures at King’s College London on the 17th and 18th of June, and at The British Library on the 19th. Click here for more information and to book tickets.
17th – South East European University Magna Carta conference. Click here for more information. Experts from all across the world will speak. Email Dr Besa Arifi for more information, (
18thChief Justice Beverly McLachlin of Canada – ‘Relevance of Magna Carta Abroad’ Lecture, at the Bingham Centre.
18th – former American Bar Association President Stephen Zack will present National History Day Magna Carta Awards.
18thMagna Carta and the Law Lord (Igor) Judge Lecture, Salisbury Cathedral.
18th – 21stEastern Three Choirs Festival, Lincoln.
19th – Friday 19th June: Magna Carta Moot at the Supreme Court, featuring Strode’s College Law students and organised in partnership with Egham Museum. Runnymede Law students debate points of law in the highest court in the United Kingdom, which is then streamed live to the nation via the Supreme Court website.
19th – Panel Discussion chaired by Lord Hope- ‘Does the UK need a new Magna Carta?’
20th – Community Opera, ‘The Great Charter‘, Middlesbrough Cathedral. Click here for more information.
20th – Commemorative event at Tongland Abbey, Scotland. Click here for more information about this Magna Carta 800th funded project.
20thMagna Carta display, Old Sarum, Salisbury.
20th – Medieval Calligraphy Workshop at Salisbury Cathedral.
20th – Salisbury Playhouse Stage ’65 Youth Theatre, at Salisbury Cathedral.
21 – 24‘Magna Carta and the Freedom of Religion or Belief’, Conference. Hosted by the International Center for Law and Religion Studies, in cooperation with The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. Click here for more information.
23rd – Esteemed Medievalist Professor Linda Colley speaks on Magna Carta and the American Constitution at the Society of Antiquarians.
23rd – Public event at the National Library, Wellington, New Zealand. Details TBA.
24th – Professor John Watts Lecture, Between Subjects and Citizens: the Commons of England, c. 1300 -1550, at Palace Green Library, Durham.
27th – Magna Carta Masquerade shall be the Isle of Wight Mardi Gras theme.
27th – Medieval Day at Oxford, in association with Oxford Castle and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. More information here.
27th June – 27th SeptemberLincolnshire’s Great Exhibition, city – wide activities.
28th June – ‘Magna Carta Rediscovered,‘ leaves Faversham and begins tour of other locations in Kent.
28th June – Magna Carta Egham Regatta between Magna Carta Island and Ankerwycke Priory. Click here for more information.
30th June – 4th JulyHistory of Parliament Trust Conference, ‘Making Constitutions, Building Parliaments: Constructing representative institutions, 1000-2000.’


2nd – Professor Nicholas Vincent Lecture, Magna Carta: The View from Durham, at Durham University. Professor Nicholas Vincent, Speaker.
2nd – 19th – ‘Magna Carta Rediscovered,‘ exhibition at The Beaney Museum, Canterbury.
4th – Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Magna Carta Dinner. David Starkey, guest.
6th – 10th- Magna Carta Lecture Series at University of Auckland, New Zealand.
7th – Lincoln Barons’ CHarter Trail Tour.
7th – Sir Robert Worcester speaks at Cubism Law, followed by a visit to the British Library exhibition.
7th – 10th – ‘Magna Cantata‘, Salibury Cathedral.
8th – Dr. Christian Liddy Lecture, Rebellious Citizens: 800 Years of Citizen Politics
8-11thThe British Legal History Conference, at Reading University.
9th – Sir Robert Worcester speaker at Institute of Business Ethics.
9th – Why St Albans? (7pm – 8.30pm) Museum of St Albans. Peter Burley leads a walk exploring the theme of what made St Albans so attractive to those planning Magna Carta.
10th – ‘Life in 1215: Britian in the 13th Century,‘ British Library. Panel includes historians Dan Jones, Marc Morris, and Helen Castor.
14th – Commemoration at Magna Carta Place, Canberra, Australia.
14th – ‘The Relevance of Magna Carta Today‘, Eastwell Manor, Ashford. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
15th – 18th – Souther Cathedrals Festival 2015. Magna Carta theme.
16th – Mark Carney (Gov of Bank of England) Lecture, part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series
16th – Jonatha Guant QC, Prof David Carpenter & Sir Nicolas Bratza Lecture at Lincoln’s Inn, Great Hall; part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series
16th – ‘He Has No Sovereign – from the Charter to the Convention,‘ Lincoln’s Inn. Sir Nicolas Bratza, Professor David Carpenter and Jonathan Gaunt QC, Speakers.
18th – ‘Magna Carta: Revolting Barons and French Conquests,‘ at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
21st – ‘Treaty of Waitangi – the Magna Charta of New Zealand: Rhetoric or Reality?‘ Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture, Massey University Albany. Dr David Williams, Speaker.
22nd – Essex County Council Citizenship Ceremony, County Hall, Chelmsford. Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker.
24th – ‘Archbishop Langton in a Circle of New Ideas,‘ Salisbury Cathedral. Professor Lesley Smith, Speaker.
24th – Final Day of ‘Magna Carta: An Embroidery,‘ British Library.
25th July – 5th August – Three Choirs Festival, at Hereford
27th July – 5th September – ‘In Comitatu Kantie: Kent at the time of Magna Carta,‘ exhibition at Kent History and Library Centre.
31st - Treason? The Mock Trial of Barons and Bishops at Westminster Hall.


1 Aug – 30 SepAn exhibition at the Supreme Court, ‘The Impact of Magna Carta on the Way We Live.’
5th – A Liberteas event at Worcester Cathedral: ‘Simon De Montfort & Battle of Evesham’
Saturday 8 August, 10.00am–4.30pm & Sunday 9 August, 12.30pm–4.30pm – Magna Carta Medieval Weekend at Durham Cathedral. Click here for more information.
10th – 15th – Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival. Alice in Wonerland and Magna Carta theme.
13th – ‘Kent’s Place in Magna Carta: the Making and Preservation of a Legend.‘ Kent History and Library Centre, Maidstone. Professor Nicholas Vincent, Speaker.
15th August – 18th SeptemberMagna Carta Canada at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg.
15th‘Magna Carta Mayhem and Merriment’ Re-enactment day at Hereford Cathedral


‘Magna Flora’ Flower Festival at Salisbury – More details to be announced later in the year.
5th – Sir Mark Elder Lecture, Part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series
5th – Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History host a conference on ‘Suffolk and Liberty‘.
19th – 20th – “Revealing Magna Carta at Temple”. More information about this here.
23rd - Liberteas at Worcester Cathedral: ‘On Slavery’, with Prof. Suzanne Swartz
25th – 29thCartmel Priory Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Festival. A week of events including a Flower Show, Son et Lumiere, Medieval Tournament, and two special festival services.
28th – Bristol Legal Walk. Click here for more information.


1st – Manchester Legal Walk. Click here for more information.
4th October – 7th NovemberMagna Carta Canada at Fort York Visitor Centre, Toronto.
8th – Liverpool/Cardiff/Swansea Legal Walk. Click here for more information.
12th – Glasgow/Edinburgh Legal Walk. Click here for more information.
19th – Gray’s Inn (Baroness Hale) – ‘Magna Carta – Did She Die in Vain?’
19th – Oxford Legal Walk. Click here for more information.


10thMagna Carta Citizenship Ceremony, House of Lords.
12th - European Perspectives of Magna Carta – Seminar at the new Human Rights building, Strasbourg, with a panel of speakers including senior officials at the Council of Europe, academics from London, Strasbourg and Geneva, and members of the 800th Anniversary Committee.
23rd- Magna Carta Canada at the Ligislative Assembly of Alberta Visitor Centre, Edmonton.
23rd – Sir John Baker Lecture, ‘The Temple and the Great Charter’. Inner Temple.


5th – 26 paintings from the Ealing Magna Carta Autumn Festival, based on the coats-of-arms of the 25 Magna Carta Barons and King John will be shown at every library in Ealing until 5th December. Click here for more information about the Festival.


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