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Round 6 Projects (Announced August 2015)

A further range of projects have now been awarded funding by the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee, as part of it’s final round of funding to help promote the 800th anniversary legacy. The details of all the projects receiving funds from Round 6 will be made available during August.

Projects so far supported from Round 6 funds, include:

Treason? The Trial of the Magna Carta Barons:
On the 31st July, the Magna Carta Barons were charged with Treason at a Mock Trial at Westminster Hall. Lord Neuberger, Justice Breyer, and Dame Sian Ellis found the Barons not guilty of the charge.

Activities to support the promotion of the newly-discovered Sandwich Magna Carta:
In December 2014 a previously unknown Magna Carta was found in a Victorian Scrapbook in the archives of Kent County Council.

Conference at Amiens, France.
To mark the anniversary, Dr Sophie Loussouarn organised a three-day international conference at the University of Amiens between the 7th and 9th December 2015. The conference was chaired by Sir Robert Worcester, and opened by former Attorney General of Great Britain Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP.

St Albans: Heritage Trail and Magna Carta Pavement Plaques
St Albans showcases over 2000 years of history within a mile of the city centre. Magna Carta is one important story within this history, as St Albans Cathedral was the site of the first meeting of the Barons in 1213.

The Franco-British Council Conference on Magna Carta and the Declaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen:
On the 11th June, a one – day conference was held at Lancaster House on the significance of the Magna Carta and the Déclaration des droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen.

The Battlefields Trust: Magna Carta Legacy
More information on this project will be added shortly.

Magna Carta Canada: Distribution of a Magna Carta Timeline to 10,000 schools
For primary school age children, Magna Carta Canada has secured from What on Earth Publishing the rights to adapt for Canadian audiences their wall-mountable learning tool timeline which sets out the history and impact of Magna Carta through the centuries.

The Magna Carta Chronicle App
What on Earth? Publishing, who produced The Magna Carta Chronicle (sent to every primary school in the UK), have produced a free App which can be downloaded for ioS and Android.

Canterbury Museums and Galleries: the Beaney Barons
A statue of one of the Magna Carta Barons, Saher de Quincy, will be restored.

The Citizenship Foundation: Bringing Magna Carta to Life in Primary Schools
Magna Carta is all about fairness – something that most children care passionately about, and its fundamental purpose was to limit the arbitrary use of power. New resources will guide class discussions on the concept of justice.

Durham Cathedral: Replicating Magna Carta
Funds provided by Magna Carta 800 will allow Durham Cathedral to create two high-quality authentic replicas of its 1216 Magna Carta and the 1217 Forest Charter.

English – Speaking Union: The Constitutional Voice of Tomorrow
Following the ESU and Royal Holloway Competition, My Magna Carta , the ESU will collate the winning entries to produce a digital resource entitled, My Magna Carta: The Constitutional Voice of Tomorrow.

Institute of Historical Research: British-Chinese Conference
A conference in Beijing will discuss Magna Carta and the Rule of Law.

Magna Carta Barons Association: The Magna Carta Barons
The Magna Carta Barons will be a fully illustrated book describing all twenty-four Magna Carta barons and the Mayor of London. It will be based on Professor Nigel Saul’s biographies of the barons.

Magna Carta New Zealand: Support for editing a book
The projects aims to kick start the production of research driven, but community-oriented, reflection on the history, present and future of the rule and role of law and rights in New Zealand

Oxfordshire County Council: Find Your Voice
This project discussed citizenship with young people in Oxford.

Parish of Putney: Magna Carta and the Putney Debates – Faith Perspectives and Good Government
A series of 3 lectures each devoted to the perspective of one of the great world faiths on government and the shaping of democracy for the future of this nation.

Royal Holloway, University of London: Funding for the Fairhaven Lectures (2016- 2026)
Funding for lectures will ensure Royal Holloway, University of London, can host a Magna Carta Lecture until 2025 – the 800th anniversary of when King Henry III issued what became the final and definitive version of Magna Carta.

Runnymede Magna Carta Legacy Ltd: Statue of HM Queen Elizabeth II, longest reigning monarch.
On the 14th June the Statue was unveiled by the Speaker of the House of Commons, The Rt Hon John Bercow MP, in the presence of many distinguished guests.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council: Our Liberty Sculpture
The ‘Our Liberty Sculpture’ in Bury St Edmunds will provide a significant and lasting memorial to the town’s 800 year Magna Carta commemorations in the central location of the Abbey Gardens.

University of Lincoln: Knowledge is Freedom, Ignorance is Slavery
The University of Lincoln is launching a competition for students and staff to design and build a sculpture for its campus for perpetuity.

Publishing a special Magna Carta Chronicle as part of The Sunday Times edition on 14th June 2015 (with a circulation of 850,000):
The Magna Carta Chronicle, published by What on Earth? books, is the perfect Young Persons’ Guide to the Great Charter. On the 14th June, as part of the Sunday Times, a special Magna Carta Chronicle insert was available across the UK.

Continuing to fund the Magna Carta 800th Committee’s social media work (including website and newsletter) until end of 2015:
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