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Round 2 Grants (Announced October 2014)

The Bingham Centre, Magna Carta and the Rule of Law: Citizenship Education in Schools (£19,891)
The 2013 government review of the citizenship curriculum has resulted in a stronger focus on law and democracy. In response to this, the Bingham Centre project provides teaching materials for Key Stage 3 students (11-14) that examine the justice system and introduce students to the complex debates behind contemporary issues.

This additional module will provide a historical context for the protections offered by the rule of law and the limits on executive power, drawing links from the past to the present, and illustrating the contemporary relevance of the Magna Carta.

The British Library, Children’s Audio Guide for Magna Carta Exhibition (£10,000)

Working with the production company Acoustiguide, the British Library will develop a ‘voice’ of the exhibition designed for younger visitors aged 7-11 year olds. Visitors under 16 will be offered free entry to the exhibition and free use of the audio guide. The guide will focus on 10 – 15 objects in the exhibition and deliver an exciting narrative to the 800-year history of Magna Carta.

CADW, The Magna Carta in Wales (£11,300)
The Magna Carta 800 begins for Cadw at Easter with a series of events across Chepstow and Cilgerran Castles.

Oxford Brookes University, Why Magna Carta: The Oxford Brookes Oxfordshire Schools Project (£15,000)
The project will take place during this academic year and will provide three opportunities for young people to engage and reflect on the meaning and significance of Magna Carta in contemporary British society.

Temple Church, Long-term Magna Carta exhibition in Round Church (£15,000)
The Temple Church is at the heart of legal London, it is the place, above all others, to sense the fundamental importance of the rule of law and of the freedoms that it guarantees.

Worcester Cathedral, Magna Carta and King John Play for Schools (£12,500)
The Magna Carta Play, “A tale of Bolshie Barons, a Crafty King and a Timeworn Tomb in Wooded Worcester”, will be high impact and high energy plays giving a historical account of Magna Carta and King John and their impact and relevance today.

Trussell Trust, The Barons’ Trail (£20,000)
Produced in conjunction with Wild in Art, sculptures of the Barons have been individually decorated by artists chosen from a range of submissions. Following the trail all of the barons are displayed together and will be auctioned in October 2015 to support the work of the Trussell Trust and food banks.

Sustrans, The Magna Carta Cycle Trail, (£4,364)
A grant from the Magna Carta 800th Committee will help to develop a commemorative Magna Carta cycle trail map. The map will work with the National Cycle Network to create a route that encompasses the main charter towns, the location of charter copies and associated battlefields all in one document.

Supreme Court, Magna Carta Chartered Voyage: the impact of the Magna Carta on the way we live (£12,000)
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom will host a free two-month exhibition and a range of associated educational activities during August and September 2015, critically examining the role of the Magna Carta in the UK’s constitutional settlement.

Durham University, Magna Carta and the changing face of revolt (£8,000)
In the summer of 2015, see the only surviving 1216 issue of the Magna Carta in a fascinating exhibition at Durham University’s Palace Green Library, in the heart of Durham City’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Often seen in terms of the foundation of liberty and the establishment of the rule of law, what happens if we think of Magna Carta as an outcome of rebellion, forced on an overbearing king by disgruntled barons?

Parochial Church Council of Cartmel, Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Festival at Cartmel Priory (£10,000)
With the support and involvement of the village community, Cartmel Priory plans to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta with a ‘living history Medieval Tourney and Fayre’, and a ‘Son et Lumière’ featuring the Priory’s founder.

Royal Holloway University of London, The Loss of Liberties in Victorian Art (£2,500)
This exhibition of 12 exceptional paintings from Royal Holloway, University of London’s world-class art collection will celebrate the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary.

International Slavery Museum, Our Modern Magna Carta (£10,000)
To commemorate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta Our Modern Magna Carta at the International Slavery Museum aims to get to the heart of what democracy means for young people living in today’s globalised world. It will help participants and visitors understand how the Magna Carta was used in the abolition of slavery and explore its relevance today.

Trowbridge Magna Carta Team, Trowbridge Magna Carta Barons’ Towns 2015 (£10,000)
Trowbridge Town Council is very pleased to receive confirmation from Chairman of the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Committee that they have been awarded a grant of £10,000 towards our year of celebrations in 2015 for the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta Barons Association, Facsimile Magna Carta and Exhibition (£12,500)
The Magna Carta Barons Association is delighted to announce that it has received a grant of £12,500 from the 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the Magna Carta Trust towards the cost of providing a facsimile copy of Magna Carta to each of the towns and villages representing the principal rebel barons who secured the charter from King John in 1215.

Kent County Council, Starta Magna Carta Thearta and other delights: (£5,000)
A grant of £5,000 from the 800th Anniversary Committee will enable Kent artist Graham Clarke, to work with children, families and community groups to perform his ‘Starta Magna Carta Thearta’. Mr Clarke is the creator of Very Much Obliged, the Magna Carta 800th anniversary etching & will work in three of Kent County Council’s libraries.

Mind The Gap Theatre Company, Magna Carta on Trial (£5,000)
Theatre companies Mind the Gap and Freedom Studios will run an exciting, collaborative project involving 20 young people from Bradford to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

The Odiham Society, Magna Carta at Odiham 2015: Ph1 & 2 (Foundation & Development) (£3,500)
The Odiham Society is rolling out a programme to enthuse and inform pupils and students in local schools of north Hampshire, as the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta approaches.

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