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October 13, 2011

Magna Carta: The St. Albans Dimension

By By Lord Bingham of Cornhill - Past Master of the Rolls

When you were kind enough to ask me to speak this evening I was Master of the Rolls and as such ex officio Chairman of the Magna Carta Trust. The Magna Carta Trust is a charitable body devoted to increasing knowledge of and promulgating to the ideas enshrined in the Great Charter of 1215. Central to the constitution and functioning of the Trust are what are known as the five charter towns, each of which supplies a trustee (its Lord Mayor or Mayor for the time being) and gives much-valued financial support. The five charter towns in alphabetical order, Bury St. Edmunds, Canterbury, London, Runnymede and St. Albans. The association of some of these towns with Magna Carta is more obvious than in the case of some others.

To read this in full, download the PDF below:
Magna Carta: The St. Albans Dimension



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