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In conjunction with UK Parliament, the National Archives have produced a six-chapter online creative resource for students and younger audiences. The history of the Great Charter is split between six chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The balance of power before Magna Carta
  • Chapter 2: Why does King John face rebellion?
  • Chapter 3: Will Magna Carta bring peace and freedom?
  • Chapter 4: Why has King Henry III reissued Magna Carta
  • Chapter 5: Why have barons rebelled against Henry III?
  • Chapter 6: Why does a Great and Terrible King need Magna Carta?

  • Actors perform the roles of well-known Medieval characters, and discuss the Rule of Law and the role of the King. Users can create accounts and collect their own online badges to mark their journey through the story of the Great Charter of Liberties.

    The six chapters cover the period between 1066 – 1297, and are perfect for teachers wishing to bring the story of liberties and rights to life.

    Click here to visit the National Archives’ Magna Carta Resource.

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