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The House of Lords has generously agreed to lend to the Temple Church the statues from the Lords’ Chamber of two of the Magna Carta Barons: the Earl of Winchester, and the Earl of Gloucester. The statues will be mounted on plinths at the entrance from the Round Church, and the statues will make a dramatic enhancement to the whole ongoing Church exhibition.

These statues will confirm the place of the Temple Church as London’s principal venue for the ongoing commemoration of Magna Carta and of its legacy. Linked from 1214, and ever since with the Charter, set in the middle of the temple and 200 yards from the Royal Courts of Justice, the Church is the most fitting of all venues for such commemoration.

The statues are due to arrive at the Church on Tuesday 15 March 2016, and will remain for 12 – 18 months.

The Temple Church is an important site in the Magna Carta story. King John used it as his base in 1214, and William Marshal was buried at the site. For more information about the ongoing exhibition, click here.

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