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Sherwood Forest is famous for its ancient oak trees – and to be classified as an ‘ancient’, an oak has to be aged over 500 years old. The Parliament Oak is one of the few named trees of Sherwood Forest and is estimated as being 1200 years old. It stands as a boundary tree on the peel of Clipstone Deer Park which served the medieval Kings of England for more than 300 years, and formed part of King John’s Palace site.

The name of this tree provides some insight into its place in the history of Sherwood Forest and its connection with Magna Carta. We will hold our own ‘parle’ to replicate the events that took place in 1214 between King John and his vassals. We want to show how the oak tree signifies a symbol of strength and longevity, and how oak trees were used as boundary markers for important areas such as King John’s Palace.

Working with Mercian Archaeology, we will go field walking with a local college, a field walking survey has never been undertaken in the area adjacent to the Parliament Oak, and we hope that this can be the first of more investigations in the future.

We also need to protect the ancient oak, and will do so using traditional heritage skills of our forebears. To achieve this, construct a chestnut pale fence to create a barrier and deterrent to climbing and damaging the Parliament Oak.

About Sherwood Forest Trust

Established in 1995, The Sherwood Forest Trust was set up to ensure the survival of
Sherwood Forest. The Trust operates from within the heart of ancient Sherwood Forest, covering an area of approximately 185 square miles.

The Trust works to protect the Forest’s natural, cultural and heritage features and helps local people and visitors enjoy and benefit from the rich diversity which characterises this unique ancient forest.

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For Sherwood Forest Trust enquiries please call Patrick Candler on 01623 821490 or 07876 806646. For media enquiries please call Stephanie at 13 Souls on 0115 924 4304.

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