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The aim of the project is to create and build awareness around the importance and modern relevance of the Magna Carta in the Borough of Slough. For some residents, the project will reawaken and refresh memories that they may not have considered since their schooldays, whilst for others, it will be a complete introduction to the history and impact of the Magna Carta from its inception in 1215 to the present day.

The project aims to explain what the Magna Carta is, how it came about and its relevance to modern day. This is particularly relevant in light of the current political debate that centres on the United Kingdom and its contentious relationship with the European Human Rights Act. Slough is a very multi cultural borough with a large part of our community (over 50%) sharing a commonwealth heritage. The Mustaqabill Future Foundation and Apna Virsa, in collaboration with other community groups in Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead, wish to mount a multi-cultural, multi faith celebration which demonstrates the importance and continued relevance of the Magna Carta to contemporary life. Stimulating public awareness and interest around the Magna Carta and its contemporary relevance will add value to this debate.


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Today is the very anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, that great charter which laid down the basis for English common law, now spread throughout the world. Magna Carta gave protection of law against despotism by...

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