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The Magna Carta Barons Association is delighted to announce that it has received a grant of £12,500 from the 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the Magna Carta Trust towards the cost of providing a facsimile copy of Magna Carta to each of the towns and villages representing the principal rebel barons who secured the charter from King John in 1215.


At Runnymede, beside the Thames, the baronial army met King John in June 1215 and there, twenty four of their barons – and the Mayor of London – were chosen to ensure that the king kept to his word. Twenty of the twenty-two towns and villages that made up their chief manors in 1215 have come together to form the Magna Carta Barons Association and celebrate eight hundred years of their communities’ history and the connection their barons had with a document that has become the foundation of the rights and liberties of much of the English-speaking world and beyond.

A facsimile of the rare 1215 edition held by the British Library has been printed on parchment for each of the following villages and towns:

Each facsimile is displayed with two exhibition banners, one about the Charter and the other about the local Baron. Many of these facsimiles were centrepieces in a wide range of events and activities in June 2015. The facsimiles will remain for local residents, schoolchildren and visitors in their churches, libraries and town halls as a permanent reminder of each town or village’s connection with Magna Carta.

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