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Lord Dyson (Master of the Rolls) (Chairman) – click here for more information on the history of the Master of the Rolls

Sir Robert Worcester (Vice President, Pilgrims Society) (Deputy Chairman)

Runnymede Borough Council
Councillor Derek Cotty, Mayor
Councillor Paul Tuley

Pilgrims of Great Britain
Mr Ron Freeman, Chairman
Sir Robert Worcester, Vice President

English-Speaking Union
Lord Paul Boating, Chairman
Ms Jane Easton, Director General

Law Society
Mr Jonathan Smithers, President
Mr Robert Khan, Head of Law Reform

The Royal Commonwealth Society
Ms Claire Whitaker, Chairman
Mr Mike Lake, Director General

St Albans City & District Council
Councillor Sallih Gaygusuh, Mayor
Mr James Blake, Chief Executive

Canterbury City Council
Councillor Sally Waters, Mayor
Mr Colin Carmichael, Chief Executive


Canon Chris Pulling, Chancellor, Hereford Cathedral

Oxford City Council
Mr Peter McQuitty, Head of Policy, Culture & Communications

St Edmundsbury Borough Council
Councillor Patrick Chung, Mayor
Mrs Margaret Charlesworth

Councillor Andrew Kerry, Mayor
Very Reverend Philip Buckler

Salisbury City Council
Councillor Andrew Roberts, Mayor
Mr Reginald Williams, City Clerk

City of London Corporation
Lord Mountevans, The Lord Mayor of the City of London
Mr Paul Double, Remembrancer

American Bar Association
Mr William Hubbard, President
Mr G Nicholas Casey, Treasurer
Mr Stephen N Zack, Past President

Baronial Order of Magna Charta
Mr Robert Vivian
Mr David Michnal

National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons
Mr Lewis L Neilson, Chancellor
Professor Henry Conrad Wurts, Vice Chancellor

Magna Carta Trust of Australia
Air Field Marshall Sir David Evans, Chairman
Mr Don McMichael, Secretary


Magna Carta Trust Honorary Secretary
Mr Paul Turrell, Runnymede Borough Council

Magna Carta Trust Honorary Treasurer
Mr Paul French, Runnymede Borough Council

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