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Council confirm discovered Magna Carta will return to Sandwich

Kent Online, 19th February 2015 “The Magna Carta will be coming back to the people of Sandwich, the town council has confirmed. The historic document, worth £10 million, will not be sold after a majority of councillors at the meeting voted to keep it. Cllr John Bragg said: “It’s our intention to get the Magna […]

1216-17 Sandwich (landing and naval battle)

Louis of France landed nearby in 1216. The following year his fleet was defeated off Sandwich in a naval battle

Events – October 2015

October 1st – Manchester Legal Walk. Click here for more information. 1st – ‘Robbers, Rebels, and Royals‘ University of Nottingham, 19.30. Performed by Joglaresa. Click here for more information. 2nd – Warwick Words Autumn Festival. Magna Carta 800th Chairman Sir Robert Worcester, Speaker. Click here for more information. 3rd – ‘Magna Carta: Foundation of Freedom’.Dr […]

Events – September 2015

September ‘Magna Flora’ Flower Festival at Salisbury 2nd – 22nd – ‘Magna Carta Women’, at the Guildhall Art Gallery, London. Click here for more information. 5th – Sir Mark Elder Lecture, Part of the Lincoln Magna Carta Lecture Series 5th – Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History host a conference on ‘Suffolk and Liberty‘. 7th […]

Round 6 Grants

Round 1 Grants | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5 | Round 6 Round 6 Projects (Announced August 2015) A further range of projects have now been awarded funding by the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee, as part of it’s final round of funding to help promote the 800th […]

Royal Mail issues Magna Carta stamps to commemorate 800th Anniversary

A new stamp set also pays tribute to other bills declarations inspired by Magna Carta. Royal Mail has issued Special Stamps to mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. Royal Mail worked closely with the Magna Carta 800th Committee to produce six stamps to celebrate the Magna Carta itself and other landmark bills and […]

Kent County Council

Kent has strong associations with Magna Carta and plans for the 800th anniversary commemorations are underway, with events taking place in Canterbury, one of the five Charter Towns in England; in Faversham, where the Town Council owns its own copy of Magna Carta dated 1300; and Rochester Cathedral’s Textus Roffensis, a book including an Anglo- […]

Magna Carta worth £10m found in council archives

The Telegraph, 8th February 2015 ‘An edition of the Magna Carta that could be worth up to £10 million has been found after it lay forgotten in a council’s archives. The discovery of the version of the historical parchment that established the principle of the rule of law, in the files of the history department […]

The Battles of Magna Carta

The 25 Battles of Magna Carta: The role of the most significant battlefields and sieges in the story of the fight for Magna Carta are highlighted by The Battlefields Trust and The Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Magna Carta 800th project will raise awareness of the […]

Richard Poer, bishop of Chichester

By Dr. Sophie Ambler, University of East Anglia. Richard Poer was one of several bishops from a scholarly background who played an important role in politics at the end of King John’s reign and during the minority of Henry III. Richard and his brother, Herbert (bishop of Salisbury 1194-1217), were the illegitimate sons of Richard […]

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