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March 5, 2015

Magna Carta Poetry Joust

The Library Friends are a voluntary group set up in 2012.   We are presenting this project as a powerful chance for our community to learn about the Magna Carta and create poetry about this important local heritage.

Our links with schools, local authority and arts providers will enable this project to be far reaching. We will engage with people by providing support to compete in a poetry competition to share understanding of the Magna Carta ‘story’.

There will be two competition categories – one for young people and another for adults.  Support to compete will be provided through workshops on creating poetry, plus coaching to learn about the Magna Carta, its impact on life today and how to build this knowledge into poetry.

Entries will be published online, through social media and in local newspapers for the community to vote for 8 winners using the internet.  The 8 winning poets will be invited to recite their work in person during the spectacular Magna Carta 800th River Relay in June 2015.

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