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Pre Magna Carta  |  Post Magna Carta  |  Restoring Royal Authority  |  2nd Barons’ War

In this section, the role of the most significant battles and sieges in the story of Magna Carta are highlighted by the Battlefields Trust and the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee.

This commentary was compiled by Edward Dawson, assisted by Dr Matthew Bennett, with substantial research by Michael Ingram.

The Magna Carta 800th Battlefields Project seeks to raise awareness of the battlefields and sieges associated with Magna Carta and the Barons’ Wars. It provides interpretation and educational resources to tell this story, and many of the sites here feature on Magna Carta Trails. We hope it will inspire and stimulate others to investigate, and find out more to add to this fascinating story.

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 1214 Bouvines (battle) – France 1215 Norham (siege) 1215 Rochester (siege) 1216-17 Dover (siege) 1216-17 Sandwich (landing and naval battle) 1217 Lincoln (siege and battle) 1264 Lewes (battle) 1265 Evesham (battle) 1265 Peatling Magna (peasant action)  1215 Ely (sacked) 1215 Exeter (siege) 1215 Northampton (siege) 1216 Barnard Castle (siege) 1216 Berkhamsted (siege) 1216 Berwick (stormed) 1216 Odiham (siege) 1216 Windsor (siege) 1224 Bedford (siege) 1264 Barham Down (muster) 1264 Northampton (siege and battle) 1264 Rochester (siege) 1264-5 Pevensey (siege) 1266 Kenilworth (siege) 1267 Ely (siege)


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Pre Magna Carta  |  Post Magna Carta  |  Restoring Royal Authority  |  2nd Barons’ War

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