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A project by the Gloucestershire Theatre Association Ltd

The Four Kings history plays have now been finalised and will be available to tour  to any Magna Carta venue from late 2014.

Born out of our own local 800th Anniversaries of King John’s entombment at Worcester Cathedral and Henry III coronation at Gloucester Cathedral in 2016 the GTA have decided to create a series of three plays to tell the story of the English Kings over the three generations which were key to the Magna Carta events and can be performed around the UK as part of the Magna Carta celebrations, Warwick & Berkeley Castles; Worcester, Gloucester, St Albans Cathedrals; Guildhall and Templar Church in the City; and Canterbury City Council have all shown interest so far in staging these productions as single plays, or in groups of two or three depending on their relevance to the individual venues. We are happy to consider any proposals from organisations in the UK or from other anniversary locations around the world.

Plays and Directors 2014/2015/2016:

Lion in Winter: Henry II (Granddad), James Goldman, Director: Edward Derbyshire

King John:  John (Dad), Shakespeare, Director: Edward Derbyshire

Henry III: Henry III (Son), Everyman, Director:  Sheila Mander


Edward II: Edward II (Great Grandson), Marlow, Director TBA

Original Score:

Composer Four Kings Project:  Robert Perry:   GTA Musical Director  / Composer Four Kings Project

Lion in Winter will be performed in 2014 and if requested 2015 and 2016.

Edward III will then be performed in late 2016 to complete the Four King Cycle.  If there is a demand for earlier performances this could be considered.

To keep up with developments please follow the Facebook page Four Kings or the Olympus Theatre Web site

For more information please email [email protected] or contact the GTA at the Olympus Theatre , 162-166 Barton Street, Gloucester. GL1 4EU or telephone Phil McCormick on 07786177501

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