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January 28, 2013

Social Media:

The Magna Carta 800th Committee is now fully set up on all of the big social media platforms and I would like to encourage all those interested in what we are doing to follow us, like us, befriend us, and talk to us online.

While this newsletter will give you comprehensive updates on what we are planning, it is only on social media that you can get real-time, up to the minute updates on all Magna Carta and 800th Anniversary-related developments.

While we cannot promise to respond to every message sent, we will certainly be trying our best, and all ideas or suggestions sent to us will be passed onto the 800th Committee at their monthly meetings.
Our twitter account is @magnacarta800th, and please use the hashtag #MC800th with all your Magna Carta tweets.

We can be found on Facebook as Magna Carta 800th Anniversary, so please do add us as a friend for regular updates on news and events.

There is also a group to be found on LinkedIn, called Magna Carta 800th anniversary, where we will be posting updates and also engaging with members on some of the key questions we have to resolve in the coming two years.

If you prefer to see everything that is happening, please visit our Flickr Page or our Youtube page, for photos and videos of everything that is happening both centrally, in the charter towns, and overseas. Please do forward any pictures or videos you may have to us for inclusion in these sites.



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