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February 24, 2015

Royal Holloway offers 20 Postgraduate scholarships as part of new Magna Carta Doctoral Centre

Royal Holloway, University of London
24th February 2015

‘Royal Holloway, University of London, will launch a new Magna Carta Doctoral Centre for Individual Freedom in 2015, after The Leverhulme Trust announced an award of more than £1 million to fund 15 postgraduate students – with the university offering a further five studentships.

The Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships will fund multi-disciplinary research into the impact of digital technologies on personal liberty, addressing the global challenge of how to balance freedom, privacy and security, embracing the spirit and principles of the original Magna Carta but updated to reflect the very different society in which we now live.

As the UK marks the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, which was sealed in 1215 in Runnymede, just two miles from Royal Holloway, University of London’s campus in Egham, Surrey, the Centre will aim to examine and debate the legal, moral and technological dimensions associated with personal freedom in the digital age. The students will assess what can and can’t be done to preserve privacy and other freedoms using existing and emerging technology and will seek new technological solutions as appropriate. But this research will be undertaken with an equal emphasis on what is and what is not desirable from a social and moral perspective all within the constraints of what society can or should tolerate given the need for security and sustainability and the imperative of creating a new and credible legal framework.’

For more information, click here to read the full article on Royal Holloway, University of London’s website.



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