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November 20, 2014

Magna Carta 800th Commemoration Committee announces charity partnership with the Access to Justice Foundation

The Magna Carta 800th Commemoration Committee are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Access to Justice Foundation.

At the heart of the Magna Carta was the concept that there should be proper access to justice. With the recent changes in the provision of legal aid, cuts in government spending and the increasing complexity of citizens’ interaction with the law, the ability to obtain access to justice remains as relevant today as it was when the barons gathered at Runnymede.

The Access to Justice Foundation aims to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable in society by raising funds and distributing them to organisations that support those who need legal help but cannot afford it. The free legal advice sector provides a vital means of ensuring that the continued provision of proper access to justice is maintained. The Access to Justice Foundation is proud to support that sector and play its own role in maintaining the great tradition of the Magna Carta.

In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta the Access to Justice Foundation will be working with the Commemoration Committee to run bespoke events in the Magna Carta towns in addition to its annual programme of fundraising events, which will have a Magna Carta focus. Teams and individuals will be walking, running, cycling, playing golf and baking to raise money to support access to justice; sponsored walks will take in the local sights and places of interest and the events will highlight some of the most important legal clauses in the Magna Carta.

The events will reach out to local communities, celebrating the work of free legal advice organisations and the legal profession which supports them, involving everyone in the local community in celebrating and commemorating the importance and continuing relevance of the Magna Carta today.

Chief Executive of the Access to Justice Foundation, Ruth Daniel, said “The Magna Carta celebrations emphasise the continued relevance of access to justice in our society. We’re delighted to be able to highlight the work we are doing and its importance to continuing the traditions laid down by the Magna Carta 800 years ago.”

Click here to visit the Access for Justice Foundation website.



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