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December 27, 2014

Lincoln Castle to close for Magna Carta project

BBC News, 23rd December 2014

‘Lincoln Castle is to close its gates for more than three months while a £22m project to build a new vault for the Magna Carta is completed.

The four-year Lincoln Castle Revealed project draws to a close on 1 April 2015, when the castle re-opens.

It includes a high-security underground vault, where an original copy of the Magna Carta will be displayed alongside the Charter of the Forest.

Lincoln’s copy of the Magna Carta – one of only four surviving originals – will be stored in the vault as part of a “widescreen cinematic experience”, charting the story of the document, which is 800 years old in 2015.

“This will make the castle an attraction of international importance, bringing in many more visitors from near and far,” said county councillor Nick Worth.’

To read more from the BBC, click here.



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