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January 30, 2015

International Slavery Museum Presents ‘Our Modern Magna Carta’

To commemorate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta Our Modern Magna Carta at the International Slavery Museum aims to get to the heart of what democracy means for young people living in today’s globalised world. The project will help to develop behavioural change and instil global citizenship in young people by enhancing their awareness and knowledge of key themes centred on human rights with a strong link to Magna Carta: What does it mean to be free? What is democracy? How do we preserve liberty in the world today?

During 2015, our key project activities will include the delivery of a Teach the Teacher study day in partnership with the University of Liverpool, the launch and creation of a young people’s Magna Carta – Our Modern Magna Carta, displayed at the International Slavery Museum’s Dr Martin Luther King Building, and a Liverpool Schools Parliament debate as part of National Parliament Week in November.

The project will bring together young people to explore issues relating to the meaning of freedom, democracy and liberty. It will provide opportunities for civic engagement encouraging young people to act as decision makers and take action at both an individual and community level.


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