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January 26, 2015

Curry Mallet to Benefit from Magna Carta Grant

Curry Mallet Parish Council is very pleased to receive confirmation from the Chairman of the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Committee that it has been awarded a grant of £4,450 towards its own anniversary celebrations this year.

The Magna Carta Trust’s 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee is charged by the Magna Carta Trust to co-ordinate activities, raise the profile of the anniversary and deliver a number of key national and international aspirations.  For more information visit

Magna Carta is the foundation stone supporting the freedoms enjoyed by nearly two billion people in over 100 countries. Magna Carta enshrined the Rule of Law. It limited the power of authoritarian rule, the ‘divine right of kings’, and it paved the way for trial by jury, modified through the ages as the franchise was extended. The original Great Charter was agreed by King John on 15th June 1215 when he acceded to barons’ and bishops’ demands to limit his powers and directed that it be sealed. This version of Magna Carta was revised several times in the 13th Century. The 1297 version became part of English law.  William Malet, Lord of the Manor of Curry Mallet, was one of those 25 rebel barons present at Runnymede in June 1215 to ensure King John sealed The Great Charter.

Curry Mallet Magna Carta 800 is a committee of the Parish Council set up to work alongside the Primary School, Church and local community to formulate plans for activities and events in 2015.  Since inception in 2013 additional projects and events have been initiated by the Primary School requiring additional funding but which will give a more rounded experience for everyone.  These include temporary employment of artists, workshops with teachers and children, costumes for a pageant and choral performance, transport to events, materials and associated cost for projects.  Curry Mallet is a very small village and the Magna Carta 800th anniversary will have a tremendous impact leaving an enduring legacy.  Historical projects like this are invaluable to local communities, especially rural ones, whose important history often goes unrecorded and unacknowledged.

Commenting on the award, Lionel Frazer, Chairman of the Parish Council said: “It’s wonderful that we have been awarded this grant towards our celebrations and are extremely grateful to the Magna Carta Trust. We love where we live and know there’s so much more to discover about our past. We are all really excited about passing on our findings and sharing our history.”



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