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January 28, 2013

A View from the States:

Colonel James Durant: American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is proud to join our esteemed colleagues in the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth nations in honouring the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta.  

In anticipation of this event, the American Bar Association created an ABA Magna Carta Anniversary Committee, chaired by ABA Past President, Stephen Zack.  Under Mr Zack’s leadership, the ABA Magna Carta Anniversary Committee began plans for events within the United States and abroad leading up to a delegation of U.S. lawyers to be present in London and Runnymede to participate in the events planned during June 2015. 

The American Bar Association is investigating the possibilities to refurbish and repair the Magna Carta Memorial, in Runnymede (pictured above).  Additionally, the American Bar Association has adopted the theme of Magna Carta for its Annual Law Day in 2015.  This Law Day will involve numerous events at primary schools, colleges, law schools, and law firms involving thousands of people focused on Magna Carta.

Plans are also underway for lectures in the United States, including a traveling tour of the Magna Carta.  Further, the ABA is planning events at numerous American Bar Association meetings in 2015 that will include panel discussions, presentations, and other Magna Carta Anniversary activities. There is already a commemorative postage stamp honouring Magna Carta, and there are plans for a special ABA edition of a commemorative book on Magna Carta.

The American Bar Association is committed to the principles of Liberty and Justice as set forth in the Magna Carta.



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