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November 26, 2014

£1.4 Million donated to Lincoln Castle for Lincoln Castle Revealed project.

The Lincolnshire Echo, 25th November, 2014

‘Historic Lincoln Trust has secured a £1.4m donation for the Lincoln Castle Revealed project.

The donation will be made by the David Ross Foundation, which helps children and young people discover their strengths through a wide-range of world-class opportunities focusing on education, sports, arts and the community.

The money will go towards the creation of a new underground home to showcase Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest, which will be named the David P.J. Ross Magna Carta Vault in honour of the foundation’s contribution.

Lord Cormack, chairman of the Historic Lincoln Trust, said: “This will mean that generations of visitors and students will have a unique opportunity to appreciate the full significance of the most important constitutional document in our history: the foundation of the rule of law in this country and inspiration to countries throughout the world”.’

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